Majestic Mirror & Frame is a leading manufacturer, distributor and innovator of mirrors for the hospitality design, retail furniture, senior living and multi-family industries. The company was established in 1995 by industry visionary Alan Mandel. Alan Mandel has been in the industry for over 30 years. He has extensive knowledge in developing and sourcing product. This has allowed Majestic Mirror & Frame to consistently provide superior quality products at a competitive price. Today, Alan and his children, Josh, Adam, and Alyssa continue to expand the company and its product offerings.

Majestic offers an exceptional variety of products ranging from large statement pieces for lobbies to stunning backlit mirrors and state-of-the-art TV mirrors for guest rooms. Their designs and products accommodate traditional, transitional and modern spaces.

Majestic is constantly pushing innovation into its designs, products, materials and processes to meet the demands of its clients. The company uses a unique variety of materials including, wood, wood and gesso, urethane, metal, styrene, leather, shells and skins. Their unmatched quality goes beyond their custom and artful designs, styles, sizes, finishes and master craftsmanship. They deliver on every project with great efficiency and exemplary customer service. Majestic Mirror & Frame’s unwavering commitment to meet the demands, budgets and time constraints of each and every client are at the core of their foundation. IL, Northeast IN